Q:    Who will be my DJ on my event date?
A:    The owner of the company is the DJ for EVERY event.  You won't have someone who you've never met or even talked to before performing at your special event, you'll have the owner of the company who you've talked to, met with and planned all of your details in advance in charge of your entertainment.

Q:    Am I allowed to pick my own music selections?
A:    Yes!  In fact we encourage you to make as many selections as you'd like...No limits!  We send out music request forms which you can use to let us know what you'd like to hear.  Likewise, if there are songs that you'd rather not hear, just let us know and we'll steer clear of them.

Q:    Do you take requests for music from guests at our event?
A:    Always!  Just like we take requests from you, we also encourage your guests to provide us with what they'd like to hear as well. Why?  Because we're in the business to entertain both you AND your guests.

Q:    How do I reserve Kaleidoscope Entertainment for my upcoming event?
A:    Simple!  Just give us a call or email us and once we gather a few details, we'll mail out a service contract for your event date.  Once you receive the contract, just sign it and send it back along with a Reservation Fee retainer.  That's it!  The remainder of your balance will be due on the date of your event.

Q:    Do you meet with clients in advance?
A:    Yes, in fact I ALWAYS encourage meeting my clients face-to-face whenever possible.  Most people want to know who their DJ is going to be.  A meeting with my clients gives me a chance to get to know them a little before their big day and helps to develop a great rapport.  It also will give them a chance to ask questions and finalize the details of their event.

Q:    Am I able to see Kaleidoscope Entertainment in action?
A:    Definitely at any of our public events.  We do occasionally do shows at local pubs and clubs.  Sometimes we perform at large community-wide charitable events.  You can always check us out at any of those events, just give us a call to check our calendar of events.  If you're interested in seeing Kaleidoscope Entertainment perform at a wedding or other private event, please contact us and we'll ask our clients for permission.  Most people are usually very agreeable to having others come and take a peek at the show.

Q:    Do you travel?
A:    Yes.  Kaleidoscope Entertainment had performed all over the midwest including Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin.  Of course, travel is expensive these days.  In order to cover the expense of fuel, hotel and other associated travel costs, we do have a mileage fee for travel outside the Chippewa Valley area. If you're planning an event outside the area, please contact us to find out more about our travel fee.

Q:    Are you insured?
A:    Yes.  We know that accidents can happen.That's why we don't take chances.  You can have peace of mind knowing that we have full insurance coverage for all of our events.  We just hope we never have to use it.

Q:    What do you typically wear to your events?
A:    I always dress appropriately for every show.  For weddings I wear a nice suit and tie.  For outdoor and casual events, khakis and a branded polo are worn.

Q:    Do you have a contingency plan in case something were to happen to you?
A:    Yes.  I hope I never have to fall back on this plan, but it is in place just in case.  I have made arrangements with several other DJ companies who will step in and perform for me in the unlikely event that I am unable to.  I cannot predict the future, but I promise to do my best to make sure your event is uninterrupted.
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